Which function does your concertVR token (short: CVT) fulfil?

The token is a pure utility token, which is used especially for the payment of our content bits. Exclusive concert content will only be affordable with the CVT token. Only registered users of the platform can access this exclusive content. Basically, all krypton currencies must be exchanged for CVT tokens in order to be able to pay with us at all. We are developing an easy-to-use exchange module in the app that makes it easy for users to exchange Fiat and the large crypto currencies for CVT. This creates a high level of desirability for the token. Furthermore, with the registration and the token a guaranteed anonymous storage of the data in the blockchain is guaranteed. In this way, we can credibly dispel the justified fears of consumers that their data will be used for advertising purposes. Especially in times of Facebook scandals, it is important to integrate the decentralized idea and philosophy of the blockchain into our product.

Here, too, market research has shown great enthusiasm for this Bitcoin evolution

In the medium term, we will also be offering the possibility of purchasing virtual devotional items from the most popular stars via the CVT token in the merchandising sector: https://www.forexaktuell.com/en/bitcoin-evolution-scam/. This includes clothes as well as instruments that the stars use or use at concerts. We are convinced that the fans will also buy Robbie Williams’ leather jacket from the last concert in Madison Square Garden as a virtual product. Analogous to the weapons from various medieval games, where the fans also buy their favourite blade and the sword of their avatar with great enthusiasm. We will also enter this Bitcoin evolution area. That has enormous potential.

Now you are hosting a Bitcoin evolution

Don’t you see the danger of drowning in the mass of Bitcoin evolution and being confronted with accusations that you just want to collect money quickly? No, we are convinced that our timing is perfect. Even though the market has been showing a slightly negative sideways movement for weeks, we believe in a clear recovery of the markets in Q3 and Q4. Regardless of this, our product is highly emotional, very well developed and offers real added value for users. This is exactly what distinguishes us from many other ICOs with “cryptic products” in the truest sense of the word. We are in a rapidly growing industry and offer immensely emotional experiences – at a low price. With our platform, everyone should have the opportunity to bring the big stars home in the future. With the great evolution in the technology of VR glasses to be expected shortly, we will experience a rapid explosion in demand for concerts. We are in the right timing: https://www.geldplus.net/en/bitcoin-evolution-review/

Furthermore we will experience a strong regulation of ICOs worldwide in the near future. We welcome this very much so that the mass of crypto currencies remains manageable. In the end, only the best will prevail anyway. We assume that we will be one of them, because we consider the usability of our app to be much stronger compared to other products. Music and concerts are a central entertainment topic and we will now successfully build the bridge to virtual reality.

Long before Concert VR was founded, we were big crypto fans and deeply believe in the revolution and innovative power of the blockchain. When institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank or even Georg Soros invest in Crypto and Blockchian, one can assume that this technology is sustainable and has a promising future.

Can you imagine financing your own film productions in the future, detached from concertVR, using a token model?

I do believe that various big players will come up with the idea of raising money for film projects via ICOs. However, this type of production must also bring a benefit, a utility in the blockchain. Crypto experts and investors around the world make a very good distinction between credible utilities and want nothing more than a return on investment. We must not underestimate the intelligence of investors. These people are very well informed, very critical and have high expectations of ROI. Since film production per se does not offer a particularly high probability of ROI, I can’t imagine that ICOs will become a real alternative to film financing.